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XDME's Application

Post  XDME on Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:07 pm

Name:I prefer to be called XD
In-game Name:XDME
Time Zone: eastern standard
How long have you been playing Minecraft? about 2 months
What could your wonderful self bring to our community and why should we accept you: I'm a happy, joyful person to have around very loyal and love to play in character I've played role playing games for 4 years so i can play in character
Be as specific as possible!

Qualifications, Quiz Section:

While running around, a creeper explodes destroying a part of someone's home. What do you do?
You notice a technical issue on the website, server or Teamspeak. What do you do? if the person is there tell them if not place a sign to tell them when they get on and try to repair to the my beast capability's

Can you cut only a part of a tree down? no

When putting water or lava in a bucket, how do make the water or lava remain still instead of becoming flowing (making it ugly)? in a steam place it every second block in a lake place in checkered pattern

What does it mean to break water and how do you fix it? If you don't fix it what will happen to your account?

Qualifications, Resume Section: well i don't really have any qualifications i can build stuff and when i set my mind to something i don't stop (unless forced) till i get it done everything i have built was on free build servers which i can no longer get to for reasons unknown my personal single player works are no great feat cause i don't work towards that goal in single player

Post some pictures from your previous Minecraft works. Just a few will suffice. If you have none, please GET SOME. It is recommended you use a website such as uploadscreenshot.com or photobucket.com. If you have nothing to show, then build something showing your understanding of the rules of Haven and post it.

LASTLY POST A JOKE (OPTIONAL) i cant think of one on the spot but I'm good at jokes in the moment



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