Bukkit and You

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Bukkit and You

Post  Netu on Fri Feb 25, 2011 7:41 am

I will keep this updated with information you need to be aware of.

We are going to never supply you with a /help command. We are never going to supply you with other commands you probably had gotten used to.

For now, you have no commands. For now, the world is as vanilla as it was the day you bought Minecraft.

Protections are in. We know who places blocks and when. We know who starts fires and uses TNT. We know who sets off creepers. We know who uses flight and speed hacks. This is what took us so long to get up and running back to normal, as well as:

Vagrancy. It's back in, and normal. I am working on getting everyone added back that should be, and "re-re-re-applications" aren't necessary. However, if you log on and cannot build, and think you should be able to, respond to this thread or send me a message on TramSprak. Poke me and be banned.

Apprenticeship should be in at the end of the day. Isack, being the 'tard he is, didn't send me his source yesterday or today, so I sadly cannot finish it.

Factions, special things you might want, etc.: These things will all be coming in over the weekend. Nothing will break the sandbox, with little exception. Please be aware of this.


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