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Application Template

Post  Mister B on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:07 pm

Information about yourself:

In-game Name:
Time Zone:
How long have you been playing Minecraft?
What could your wonderful self bring to our community and why should we accept you:
Be as specific as possible!

Qualifications, Quiz Section:

While running around, a creeper explodes destroying a part of someone's home. What do you do?
You notice a technical issue on the website, server or Teamspeak. What do you do?
Can you cut only a part of a tree down?
When putting water or lava in a bucket, how do make the water or lava remain still instead of becoming flowing (making it ugly)?
What does it mean to break water and how do you fix it? If you don't fix it what will happen to your account?

Qualifications, Resume Section:

Post some pictures from your previous Minecraft works. Just a few will suffice. If you have none, please GET SOME. It is recommended you use a website such as or If you have nothing to show, then build something showing your understanding of the rules of Haven and post it.

Lastly, Tell us a joke (OPTIONAL)

Please copy and paste this and fill in your answers and it will be reviewed for acceptance shortly.
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