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Alchemist Faction

Post  isack55 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:20 pm

The alchemist faction is a faction based around magic of the earth and the powers of Redstone manipulation. Our current goal is to set up an alchemist academy in a juncture between earth and water. It will teach any willing the ways of the alchemists through the means of Redstone and Nature. We do not believe in gods for our power comes from the world itself, not from some imaginary beings that control our lives. Our advanced knowledge allows us to create expert traps and mechanisms at a flick of the wrist. In the mountainside near our alchemist academy, there will lie a deep Redstone catacombs, in which many treasures lie but with many dangerous traps and ingenious inventions. It is the main factory in which we produce our magicks and continue our research. Deep in those catacombs lie the Redstone labs, where we invent new loops and test new blocks that interact with Redstone. We have already selected a location for our academy: it is west of The Great Monolith, up top a mountain. It is already dominated by a "Death Minstrel", but we refuse to give the land up. It is a perfect juncture of earth and water and provides the perfect location for our alchemedic pursuits. We are willing to make a trade for this land, however, we will take this land by force if need be. The alchemists will sell our services to other factions for a price, as well as train others in the ways of the alchemists in the academy (for a fee as well).


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