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Faction Information

Post  isack55 on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:55 pm

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the factions recently, and the administration has sat down and figured these things out. Now, all of this is the preliminary setup and additions can be discussed. Soon, there will be a faction discussion forum, but for now, we will just use the lore section. Anyone can create a group, calling it whatever you will (faction, guild, clan, etc...) and all members MUST belong to a group as well as can be in multiple groups. Groups made by respected members of Haven can own territory. All of the rules of Haven apply to these factions, but there is a new additions to these, and more can be discussed on the forums:

To make a faction, you must post a faction lore thread under the lore forum.

The lore thread starts with basic lore and can either move into sort of a periodic lore addition thread, or a lore discussion thread. Groups have no requirements of size or maximum numbers of groups at this time. Diplomacy will play an important part in these factions. I will be making a lore thread for my faction as an example. Have fun and don't get banned!


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